AD 2008- Barack Obama elected president

In 2008, history was made when Barack Obama was the first African American to be elected president. Running on an almost-populist or progressive platform, Obama sought the votes of the disenfranchised (both economically and socially) and was able to woo minorities. After defeating Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary Election, Obama ran against Senator McCain and Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Thanks to a brilliant use of social media, coupled with a message of change (“Yes we can”), Obama won by the largest margin a Democrat had enjoyed since Lyndon Johnson in the 1960’s. Obama’s election was a victory for civil rights and went a long way in closing the racial gap that still exists in the United States. Obama inherited the Great Recession, and despite having a Republican Congress, helped the United States regain much of its lost economy. As he remains the sitting president, it will be for future generations to fully see the impact of his presidency, but, it must be said, he has faced great challenges as president and has helped shape America for years to come.