AD 1933- New Deal begins

new deal photo
Photo by MDGovpics

On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took his oath of office and became President of the United States. Immediately, FDR undertook a series of measures and reforms that we designed to bring America out of the Great Depression and prevent another depression from ever occurring again. This program was known as the New Deal, because it was a “new deal” between the American government and the American people. The New Deal provided work for those who could not otherwise find employment and had these workers engaged in infrastructure projects to fully modernize and beatify America. While some people built roads and bridges, others planted forests and maintained national parks. Still others were tasked with improving schools and hospitals within their own communities. Beyond simply providing work, the New Deal sought to protect the most vulnerable members of society. Social Security, which is retirement insurance, was created, as well as protections for banks to ensure that Americans would always have access to their hard-earned money. Although many found the New Deal to be a great overreach by the federal government and questioned its efficacy, what cannot be denied is that the New Deal allowed America to put itself in a position to exploit the financial opportunity of World War II.