AD 1929- Stock Market Crash and beginning of Great Depression

During the 1920’s, many businesses and banks began engaging in very risky investment behaviors in order to encourage consumerism. Extending credit to those who could not afford the terms was common, and investing in the stock market using credit became a regular occurrence. Due to the inflation caused by the over-extension of credit, and the cyclical slowing of the economy, the Roaring Twenties came to a drastic halt on October 24, 1929. On this date, the stock market crashed, and much of the value in the American economy evaporated literally overnight. And, with banks unable to meet the demand for cash withdrawals, a time known as the Great Depression began. The Great Depression was made worse by a concurrent drought throughout the American Midwest and West that was was so terrible it became known as the “Dust Bowl”. During this time, as many as twenty-five percent of the American workforce was laid-off since businesses no longer had estock market photonough customers to maintain their employees in paid positions. And so, the early 1930’s was a time of deep economic despair, starvation, and hopelessness. And, until the intervention of America’s new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (also called FDR), the plight of America seemed unsolvable.