AD 1908- Ford Model T first sold

Henry Ford was an American whose vision of industry transformed the United States for both workers and consumers. Ford, as an automobile manufacturer, knew that if he could reduce the price of his vehicles, he would vastly increase his sales base. He had a vision of America in which every family owned a Ford vehicle. In 1908, Ford introduced the Model T Ford. Although this vehicle was not luxurious, it was simple, easy to operate, and affordable. The vehicle was so popular that Ford had to revolutionize the factory system by introducing the automated production line. Instead of a worker moving from vehicle to vehicle to perform his task, the vehicle would be brought to him, which resulted in much higher efficiency in his workers and a much higher volume of automobiles being produced. The Model T was so successful that between 1908 and 1927 when production ended, over fifteen million Model T’s were produced. Because of the success, Ford also revolutionized working conditions in his factory. Workers were paid far more than those in other automobile companies and were even given sick leave a thing unheard of until that time. When the Great Depression struck, Ford workers were given a raise at a time when almost twenty-five percent of the workforce was unemployed. Many of Ford’s innovations, both industrial and employee, shaped America into the workforce that is recognizable today.